Warren Buffett Biography - Biography of Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett Biography – Biography of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett was born on August 30, 1930 in the US city of Omaha in the city of Omaha. Warren Buffett’s father’s name was Howard Buffet, who was a businessman in the stock market and mother’s name was Leela. He was the only son of his mother and the second child in his three children. Warren started his early education with Rose Hill Elementary School. In 1942, his father was elected to the United States Congress, after which his family moved to Washington. Warren then studied in Alice Deal Junior High School and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1947.

Warren Buffett Warren Buffett’s interest in business and investment was from childhood. In the beginning of his business, when he was only eleven years old, he used to go to his house to share the magazines, sell chewing ham and bottle of Coca Cola so that his pocket expenses could get out of money. After this he used to share newspapers, earn money at his grandfather’s grocery store, sell golf balls and stamps, etc., when he used to study in high school. At the age of only thirteen, he had filled his first income tax return, due to which he had reduced the use of his bicycle and $ 35 on the clock. They always regret that they started making money very late.

Warren Buffet believes that whatever he is today, his credit goes to Benzamin Graham, friends Benjamin Graham was also very big in the stock market and Warren had worked at him for $ 1200 a month. And from them Warren Buffett had learned the properties of investment, when Warren joined the company.

Benjamin Graham retired two years later, and when Warren also left his job, he started his own work, seeing in today’s few years, after the response to Warren Buffett joins the countless absurdities Today became the third richest person in the world and America, Warren Buffet is still a successful investor and entrepreneur at the age of 85 years, as well as a motivational speaker and he is considered to be the most gifted bride of the 21st Century.

The biggest thing is that Warren Buffett created history by donating nearly 85% of his total wealth to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by Bill Gates and became the world’s largest donor.

private life

Mr. Buffett married Susan Thompson in 1952. They had three children, Susie, Howard and Peter (Peter). They started living separately since 1977, although Susan died in July 2004. Till they remained married and remained married. Her daughter Susie lives in Omaha and works charity by her Susan A. Buffett Institute and is a national board member of Girls, Inc. (Girls, Inc.)

On his 76th birthday in 2006, he was always unmarried and with his long-time partner Astrid Menks, who was 60 years old and living with him since his wife moved to San Francisco in 1977. Got married The interesting thing is that both of them had met Susan Buffett, before going to Omaha to make her own future in music. Those three were very close and friends would have written on the invitation sent for the holiday “Warren, Susie and Astrid “(according to Roger Lowenstein’s book Buffett: The Making of an American Capitolist). Susan Buffett briefly told about this relationship in the briefing before his death. Li Rose Show (was in an interview with Charlie Rose Show), the buffet was a rare glimpse into the private life.

He is a very keen player of Bridge (a game of cards) and he says he spend 12 hours a week playing this game. He often plays with Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Tips –

  ” Earnings : Never be alone income to depend not been . Income of other means to make the for investment to . “

  ” Success : When opportunities come is if you have work to do . My life in a such moment also came was when I got measures of Gtra had had. But if I come to some measure next week only then I will be able to do something else otherwise I will not be able to do anything .”

 ” Spending : If you which need not have those things you buy to be so one day you were things of need are the things to sell will .”

” Saving : cost to the latter , which left him save not pronounce but save to the post , which left him spending must pronounce .”

” Risk : Never even river ‘s depth of two feet with no measure should .”

 ” Investing : Never have your all Ando to a single basket in not enter .”

” Hope : honesty most expensive gift is . Small logo from its expected it to . “

 ” Humanity If you humanity of 1% Lucky logo in the feature is , if you have 99% of people the humanity teaching can be .” 

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